Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!
My program went out for a Thanksgiving dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in Hangzhou. Our teacher/program paid for it of course. There were a lot of interesting dishes...the food was so-so. I definitely missed an all-American feast! But guess this had to so suffice considering we had not other choice. But I had a chance to call my family during Thanksgiving (States time) to say hi and hear about all the delicious food they ate. Wow, I was super jelous. But we had a friend from Valpo school come and join us from the States for dinner and he brought some chocolate and Cheez-its for us. Wow, fake cheese never tasted so good! Ha, and I had a mac 'n' cheese from one my friend's care packages from home that just about made me pee my pants it tasted so much like home. Nothing like a bowl full of sodium and processed cheese. Yes sir.
So I am super relieved to not have any finals in my Chinese classes. We just found out this past week. All the teachers decided the mid-terms were so recent that there wasn't necessary to give us a final...thank goodness! So, next week will be my last week of class and then I will have just under two weeks of free time and relaxing time. I might even travel if I have the money and time to. I would really like to go back to Beijing and spend more time enjoying the scenery without rushing through everything in a day. Plus we really didn't have much time to travel during the semester and kept cramming in site seeing into short periods of time, so it will be nice to have some free time on our hands. We do still have a final in our Civilization Culture class...a paper at that. So guess that will be all the homework I will need to work on.
Can't wait to come home!!!!


  1. Dear Stompie,

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, it sounds like you did. Holly, Kate, and I were the only ones in town, so we made salmon (for them) and steak (for me). And then Hol and I watched a Zac Efron movie (17 Again). When do you get back to the states? (And by that I mean, when can I call you!?!?!?!) Love you, miss you, and I hope you are having such a great time in China. =)

  2. Hello my lovely! I miss you like crazy! So does mags...and Eklipsers of course! When is the actual day you return to lovely Decorah to be Oh Benell said to tell you..."Tell her asian butt to hurry up and get back here!" And also I'm supposed to remind you about her shoes?? Chucks from China I presume? lol Whatevsss...I love you! Can't wait to see you! =D