Monday, September 14, 2009

First day of class

Okay, so they are a lot more strict here than any classes I've taken back home. At Luther, if you are late you can still straggle in and not have it be a big deal. You can also wear anything from your pajamas to work-out clothes too. Here, it does not hold true. Fiver minutes late equals one absence, ten minutes late equals two absences. And people always look nice for class because there are no saggy pants and clevage shirts. People are fairly quiet too and you don't hear someone yelling to another person across the room or hallway. But since this is an international school, there are plenty of people who do not act in this manner too.
Geeze, okay, it's out

I have the three Chinese-speaking classes with the same set of students and we have two in one room and the oral class in another. But they are all three in the same building as our dorms so getting up early to prepare will be avoided as much as possible! We are taking listening, writing/reading, and grammar courses. I have already run into a guy who goes to Central in Iowa, so guess it's not such a big place after all! James, my school mate from Luther, is also in my class. But that doesn't really effect anything because we don't hang out that much. But I am excited for classes to finally begin because I have been anxious to meet new people and make new friends. Don't get my wrong, I love the girls who are in our group, but since there are only five of us totally, time with them can feel a bit cramped.
Now my next project is to try and get Sarah out here to visit!

All for now and 在见 (see you later)

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