Wednesday, September 16, 2009

West Lake

So one of the main things to do here in Hangzhou is to go to West Lake and either walk or bike around it. Me and some classmates did that today even though it wasn't very sunny. But it was really fun. We took a taxi there and back and then rode our bikes around most of the lake. It's pretty big so it takes an afternoon. I have met some really cool people in my Chinese classes who are from Germany, Spain, and Japan. They all speak Chinese much better than I do, but they speak English pretty well and we mostly communicate through that language. But it seems like most of the international students I've met know a minimum of three different languages which definitely makes me jealous that I only know 2.5 languages and I would only consider myself fluent in English. Lame, but oh well.
Anyways, got some beautiful pictures of the lake and some silly ones by random statues we passed by. But the thing that really stinks is that I cannot upload pictures to my blog or I said pretty much everything is blocked on the internet. So I guess that includes Java software.

I feel so bad for my three female classmates I came over here with. They have all been sick at different times since we've been here. One of them has thrown up and feels sick most days, the other had a fever last week, and they have all dealt with some bad digestion issues. I'm not really sure why I haven't gotten sick yet, not that I'm asking to be. But guess my body really likes oils and doughy foods! The only thing is that I wish I had time to take a few naps here and there because we walk a lot almost every day for some reason or another. But it's better than absolutely no exercise which I think is hard to not do while you're here. I still can't believe how frickin' small Chinese people are, especially females!!! They all wear size zero like size and I would say an American small would be a medium or large here. Well maybe if the clothes came from Abercrombie or some insanely small-sized clothing store like that. But it's funny because whenever we've gone shopping, the sales people always run up to us with a piece of clothing saying "extra large, extra large." Oh happy days.

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