Sunday, September 13, 2009

A late start

Hey, first of all I am terribly sorry about my first blog not working...something to do with all the proxy usage and almost everything on the internet is blocked off here.

Anyways, Hangzhou is amazing! I live in a single-person dorm room on the same floor as my four classmates. We all get along and have had many memorable experiences already from eating to shopping to climbing the Great Wall in Beijing! It's hard for me to put into words how awesome it is to be here right now and all the good things that I am seeing and learning from one culture to another. I have honestly become skeptical on returning to the United States...JUST KIDDING, but seriously there are so many things I wish could be changed back in the states.
Chinese culture is quite fascinating and I have found myself trying to blend in more and more every day. One of the first things that I noticed was that every motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian must fend for themselves meaning there is a lot of close calls in my opinion. Cars whiz by and play chicken with each other while mopeds whiz by pedestrians with only a few inches to spare...which gives me a scare every time! But I have gotten used to it and realize that the Chinese are in fact very good drivers because they have the skills to maneuver in the manner that they do.
The food is absolutely the bomb-diggity because I know I am loading myself with light oils, not salt and butter. Also, the simplicity of their dishes also have the most amazing effects on the tongue because nothing is really over seasoned and people enjoy more of the natural flavor or meats and veggies. By the way, I have not seen one bottle of soy sauce at any meal, that is just an American stereotype (surprise surprise). Also, I have come across some interesting, yet popular delicacies such as fried duck tongue, duck feet (toenails, web and all), and whole shrimps that have eyes looking at you while you eat them. I have not tried any of those for now due to fear and the reaction of my stomach after looking at it, but oh well. Maybe over time I will even learn how to cook it and make my family eat it for dinner!

Well, I am glad to say that I am living in everyone's future back at home and I hope everyone is having a good semester, month, life, etc. I am crossing my fingers that this blog will work and if so, you will be seeing posts at least ever week. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all!
Take care and spread the peace, J-Bird


  1. Get overself and try the duck feet. Its bomb diggity.

  2. Just a word of caution, don't make eye contact when you cross the street. If they hit you and you saw them coming, you're at fault!

    (Learned that the hard way...)