Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go put your records on, tell me your favorite song

Well, it's been a few days due to business. But I have exciting German friend Carolyn and me have met some really great guys who are locals. No, this is not a dating situation, but honest and fun friendships! These guys are part of a band that plays every night at a dance club here called CoCo. They remembered us because we are usually the only ones who sing along with the English songs and interact with their music. The Chinese are so reserved and a bit scared, so they just sit like stones at the tables in the club. But this band is so fun/funny. They sing both Chinese ballads and some American rock songs that are pretty old like "play that funky music white boy". But they just have so much energy and full of spunk.
Tony, the lead singer, and then the drummer and base player took us out on the town tonight. Carolyn and me went to hear them play for a third time this week and afterwards Tony took us to a nearby place to play pool. The drummer and base player showed up soon after and we had a great time learning each other's languages. They also teached us how to play pool and not scratch every other time we shot. They are very nice and Tony, especially can speak English pretty well. The others are working on it as we are working on our Chinese. But after pool we got a bite to eat and that's when we really started having fun because we got into some interesting conversations, made lots of jokes, at great food, and enjoyed each other's company. This was a memorable night because the five of us developed such a fun and exotic friendship that will always have us on our feet, as we are so curious to learn about one another. I think Carolyn and I will be going to CoCo regularly :)
Tomorrow I am going to the travel agency with a "translator" so I can set up Sarah's trip out here!!! I am very excited to have a true American visit me and share traditions that remind me of home. But at the same time, I am going to teach Sarah how to barter, eat, and "squat" like a Chinese.
Oh yeah, still haven't gone on my piano hunt. Du, don't be mad!
Peace, JBird

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