Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Found Korean food!

So things are getting into a consistent schedule here and I am falling into a better sleeping pattern. It was difficult to sleep in, but then hard to get up every morning which was annoying. But I think my body is pretty much over jet lag or something like that. It's cooling down and raining a lot here so that's always more tolerable when walking outside for everything. People's faces are beginning to become more familiar every day which is a nice feeling to have. Even if it's just the cafeteria women who recognize me every day at lunch. But hey, all the international students do stick out like sore thumbs. I would say we are making our time here worth while as we bring new energy and different ways of having fun to the campus, as I'm sure every group of international students have brought to this University. It's really awesome to finally be in a pool of true diversity, not just a few international students drowning in a sea of Caucasians like most American schools. This school is truly diverse and full of such unique experiences.
My group of five that I came over here with have moved past hanging out with just each other for security and familiarity. I would say most of us have parted our separate ways and don't hang out nearly as often as the first few days we were here. It started with James and I meeting the two Chinese boys, and then as soon as classes started, it only broadened with new friendships of international students and Chinese students! The others seem to stick close to each other which is good because I already feel kind of out of the loop with them and it's good that they have one another. But it's been awkward every once in a while because the time you devote to spending with people has obviously had a toll on how they treat you. But it's alright, I've made new friends and I am happy, which is all that matters.
Homesickness has not struck me yet! I wasn't expecting it would any time soon just because I was gone in Denver all summer and in a close living situation like here. But I know that I have plenty of resources if the symptoms of homesickness do begin to strike in the near future. I don't think they will because I have been in consistent contact with the people I care about back at home and Skyping has really been awesome! I've seen my whole family (including my dog, Clover), and had a goofy conversation with some of my besties, Dcov and TuttaButta.
Things are really going good here and I am ready for a field trip soon so I can get some more great pic's that I will be able to share with you all when I return home and have full access to facebook! But in the mean time, it's always great to hear from everyone and have frequent updates with people's lives back at home. Because I honestly have no idea what's going on in the United States! It's kind of weird, but then again I am half way around the world so guess I put myself in this situation. Haha.
Okay, off to a Korean restaurant (got to stay true to my heritage that I know nothing about).
Peace and Love, JBird

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  1. Ok, you have Skype? Me too! Let's have a Skype date!!! My username is kmae1028.

    Also, I got your postcard the other day, I loved it!!! I laughed out loud, for real, haha. Could you email me your address? Is it possible that I could send you things? Because I would really like to do that. =)